The Art of Necklace Layering

The moment I discovered my love of jewelry, I couldn’t resist just piling it on. Making sure I always had my favorite accessories on was a habit I developed early. Whether it’s large statement pieces or tiny details, I felt (and feel) a bit naked without those finishing touches.

Jewelry has a special place in my heart. It’s where I feel the most creative. From beading to wiring, and then to hand crafted metal pieces and lost wax casting, my craft developed from an early age – moving deeper into more difficult techniques. Lately, I’ve been collecting sweet little pieces to mix and match, along with curating a few of my own designs (coming soon).

Layering necklaces is a fun way to add a lot of oomph to a simple ensemble, but there’s a few rules to follow so it doesn’t overpower:

  1. Size Matters 😉 make sure the pieces you are layering are close in size, but have variety.
  2. Max 6 necklaces. Too many can look overdone and forced.
  3. Different lengths are a must.
  4. Metals are a preference! Gold is all I wear these days. I love silver, but I don’t gravitate to wearing it. If you want to mix the metals up, go for it!

As a jewelry designer, I can’t help but admire other jewelers’ work. Here’s a few of my favorites. And most affordable pieces too!

Bing Bang Girl Power
Haute City Seeing Eye
Bing Bang Lightening Bolt
Liars & Lovers Coin

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