Romantic Spring Dresses that will Always Make your Heart Flutter

Spring brings about a fluttery air of romance that can’t be ignored. With the birds, bees, and blossoming trees, getting in the mood for love is contagious. And if there’s a need for a bit of a push, I have a few suggestions for romantic spring dresses you’ll be smitten for. 

Romance should be a year-round thing. Whether you’re with someone or single, romance starts with a daily act of kindness. I truly believe loving yourself first will bring everything your heart desires. Be kind to yourself, and tell that negative voice in your head (cause let’s face it, we all have it) to fuck off. 

It’s not easy flipping the switch when things go awry in your head, but I always found that to combat every negative thought, you have to think of two positive thoughts — being grateful for the simplest thing is a good way to start.

The other way to do it is to distract yourself with activities that make you happy. Fashion and designing are things that have always made my heart skip a beat. Dancing around in fluttery, flowy dresses are another… 

I have a theory, if you’re feeling sad or upset, put something pretty and flowy on, go outside and spin around for a few minutes. I guarantee you’ll be smiling by the end of it. 

From baller to budget, I’ve listed a few romantic spring dresses that will surely make you feel girly and confident.

xx Amy Lou

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