What can I say about this skirt that doesn’t already speak for itself?? The pattern makes me want to yodel among the Swiss Alps or maybe sing very badly The Sound of Music at the top of my lungs, but I digress…

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Those Southwest Vibes

Ever since my road trip to the Southwest, I dream of going back. My soul yearns for those red rock mountains, open roads, and coyote howls. It yearns for sunsets you can see for miles and a night sky filled with stars. There’s a vibration that fills you to the core and brings you beyond spirituality. Beyond what you thought was real. And you’ll never come back from it quite the same. At least I didn’t.

I’ve always had an attraction to Southwest patterns, colors, and designs. I love the bright oranges with pops of blues, yellows, reds, and blacks. I love the geometric shapes and straight lines. And of course, I’m obsessed with the fringe and Native American influence.

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All About the Fringe

Fringe will never go out of style. It makes any ordinary piece of clothing wild and free. It adds love in all the right places. The fun never stops when you’ve got a little extra swing with your step.

Making it’s first appearance in the fashion scene with the popular flapper look of the 1920’s, fringe made a roaring impression. But we owe this amazingly fabulous embellishment to the Native Americans who designed clothing with fringe long before the ’20s. Back on the scene in the ’60s political movement, hippies wore it as a reflection of their sensitivity to the Native American plight and other oppressed minority groups. Once again, fringe became popularized in 1969 with Continue Reading

Fancy or Faux?

If you’re as fashion obsessed as I am, then you’ll understand the urge to have all the fancy things. The Gucci emblem bags, the red bottom Louboutin’s, the iconic tweed Chanel (the list can go on and on)… But it’s not about the logos or even the chic notoriety. It’s about the touch and feel of the fabrics, the sleek precise cuts, and the tiny intricate details that only fashion designers like these create.

It’s about putting on wearable art and transforming into the person you want to be that day. It’s about confidence and an air of class. It’s about making a statement with just your clothing.

There are many ways to do this, of course, without breaking the bank. And with my budget, I’ve certainly had to improvise.

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This Jacket Rocks My World

I used to be obsessed with collecting jackets. Which is a weird thing to collect living in South Florida. But I just wanted all of them. Cropped jackets, sequins jackets, trench jackets, moto jackets, fuzzy jackets, jean jackets, you name it.

I would go to thrift stores all with the intention of looking for the coolest vintage jackets I could find.

I’ve since grown out of wanting all the jackets living in mostly 80 degree weather, but sometimes one still gets me.

This super soft moto jacket is an amazing find. Sometimes you can find hidden gems at Forever 21. I shop their online store mostly because I find all the good stuff when I’m leisurely scrolling their app. Also, because I may be hitting the age were Forever 21 isn’t so appropriate, but who’s¬†really looking. ūüėČ

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A Little Shoulder Action Never Hurt No One

I’ve always felt that my collar bone and shoulders were two of my best features. It’s actually one of the most sensual areas I believe a woman possesses. Although these are delicate features, there’s a dichotomy of strength that shines through. When a woman holds herself in confidence you can see it in the way she holds her shoulders which accentuates the collar bone. It’s why I love tops that highlight these features.

Mixing prints is a fun dichotomy too. My rule is to keep it within the same color scheme. Although I’m mixing stripes and checks here they are all earth tones.

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Tainted Love: When the Past Comes Crashing In

I’ve never been a big proponent of talking about the past with a new love interest. I’ve found that it tends to cast old doubts and fears onto the next potential relationship. Sure, I’ve made the mistake before. Many times before. Mostly because I’m usually too honest and tend to disclose an overly¬†embarrassing amount of information. So much so that TMI starts to seem like my initials.¬†But in the end, all it does is cascade a shadow of death over what could have been.

And the thing is. It’s not always been about me! I know. Hard to believe. But usually it’s the guy that ends up disclosing old experiences. Like spewing sticky, chunky phlegm all over a nice, clean,¬†decorative napkin. It’s obvious I find it repulsive especially when I have to endure the endless stories of old escapades with someone they are still apparently thinking about and take it all in as if it will never affect me.

You know, it’s quite an art to display a poker face when all you want to do is scream to drown it out. Dramatic? Maybe. But I’m sure I speak for all when it comes to hearing about a lover’s past lovers. Nothing ever good can come if you’re still holding on to the past, as they say.

And what if it’s a very recent past? Does it then discredit what is new? As if to say, “Well, this is great for now but eventually it sure will lead to disinterest and distraction by another.” Which then leads me to the ultimate question, don’t we all want a partner in crime? Someone to trust and rely on? Stability? Or have we gotten so used to incessant change that we don’t find love exciting unless it’s fleeting?
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A Slight Kat Von D Obsession

There’s so much to say about this amazingly talented artist. Not only do I admire her amazing style and individuality, but her strength and kindness is something I’d like to aspire to as well. What’s so amazing about her is the ability to overcome hardships and succeed while spreading that confidence to others. It’s obvious my Kat Von D obsession goes way beyond her makeup line, but my ode of admiration will have to be poured wholeheartedly into another blog. This one is all about what Kat Von D Beauty does for my lips!

I started wearing her beauty line when I discovered her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks not only felt amazing, but were easy to apply and moisturized.

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Love Vibes

So I got quite festive for Valentine’s Day this year. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this rose embroidered shirt dress. (Love pun intended) It has an air of fairy tale romance which got me all girly giggly. (My Vday date could have something to do with it too.)

Haute City Valentine's Day Fashion Roses Shirt Dress

This shirt dress helps keep it casual while the embroidered roses gives it that perfect flair for dressing up.

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