Screaming for Ice Cream

Last weekend, I finally got to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami. It was all I had hoped for and more! Although I had seen photos, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But it was a dream come true.

From the sprinkle pool to the pink sand castles, this interactive adventure played to my childlike nature, and I was thrilled at each turn. Plus, you got to eat some yummy ice cream along the way.

Visiting the Museum of Ice Cream 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a museum without teaching you a few fun facts… Continue Reading

Puddles, Poofs and My New Fave Top

This top may just be my new favorite thing of all time. Oversized sleeves, accentuated wrapped cut with a loud polka-dot print makes it just the right amount of “extra.” Okay, it’s the epitome of extra. Matched with the best Paris souvenir a gal could find — I call them my Loubou poofs. These flat red-bottoms were worth every penny, and I love pairing them with even more outrageous ensembles.  Continue Reading

Stealing My Boyfriend’s Clothes

Ok, so sometimes… just SOMETIMES… my boyfriend has cooler clothes than me. (Don’t tell him I said that.)

But it gives me inspiration to pair some of the things I love in his closet with my own.

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Concert Digs

Choosing concert wear isn’t always as easy as cherry pie – comfort is key, but looking effortlessly fabulous takes a special kind of outfit. That’s why I love rompers. A much better option to jeans and a tee, they give you that pulled together look without a huge fuss.

Of course with shows, it all depends on the venue and who I’m seeing. But a Lana Del Rey show is a no-brainer for me. Her style and music quickly inspired my look. Continue Reading

Mid-Drifts and Mix Prints

Sure, this ensemble is a bit of a risk, but mid-drifts and high waist bottoms are actually one of my favorite combinations – even if I have to work those tummy muscles a little extra harder.

The best thing about this look is that you can hid some imperfections (a.k.a my little fupa) and still look skinny-mini.  Continue Reading

Blazer Flava

Nothing like that “Blazer Flava” to get Monday started off right! Although, it’s Sunday now as I write this and I’m still feeling like I need a mimosa refill. As much as I love a good Sunday Brunch that lasts till five in the afternoon, I’ve made it a practice to get in a good mix of both relaxation and productivity.

In all honesty, I’m not the type of person that can relax until I get a few things knocked off my list — whatever they may be. A character trait I see as both a blessing and a curse. A balancing act that typically helps me ease into a busy Monday.

This is what I love about blazers – the way the style can be so paradoxical.  An odd contradictory in one single Continue Reading

Walking into 2018 Like…

Who knew 2017 would come and go like over-sized culottes, designer Crocs (yes, it’s a thing), and the horror of wavy brows? It was the best of times and the worst of times with polarity not only resonating on a global scale politically, culturally and energetically, but on a personal level as well.

Astrologically speaking, we have entered the Aquarian Age and survived our first year! Some people adapt to change while others fight it with all they’ve got, and a shift into a new consciousness is something we all feel (whether you believe it or not). But like fashion trends, we find our way and stick to what makes us look and feel our best – or in this case what helps us grow. Continue Reading

Need More Kimonos

The literal translation of kimono in Japanese is “thing to wear,” so the title of this blog couldn’t be more accurate. I ALWAYS need more things to wear!

I particularly and most definitely need more kimonos.


It’s the perfect transition piece for spring and summer. Layering over a tank and jeans or even a cover up to the beach. I can’t get enough of them. Continue Reading

Spring Layers

Getting a whisk of cool weather in South Florida mid-April is more than just the mystical weather gods raining down on you. It’s a wonderful excuse to layer. No, it’s the absolute need to layer. (If you are as warm blooded as I am. Which most Floridians are.)

This light H&M sweater is one of my staple pieces. I wear it with everything. Over dresses, like this James Purse bodycon, gray jeans to blue jeans, and even black slacks for work. Continue Reading

Channeling Cruella

The style of course, not the behavior. I would only want to kidnap a bunch of puppy dalmatians so I can hug them and squeeze them and love them SO TIGHT! (Ok, so maybe I channel Elmyra from time-to-time too.)

This jacket not only screams badass, but gives an air of posh eccentricity. And dispite a few alarming traits, Cruella exemplifies both.

A little bit glamour and a little bit rock-and-roll, I find that this jacket makes life just a little bit more worth living.

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