My Top Fave Casual Stripe Dresses for the Fall Season

Fall is absolutely my most favorite season, but living in a state that doesn’t cooperate with the seasonal weather makes it difficult to get into the spirit. That’s where transitional pieces are most important.

I’m obsessed with this specific dress for several reasons. It’s a light sweater material which means I can take it into the cooler weather and add stockings and boots, the coloring is the ultimate representation of fall, and stripes remind me of the start of the school season. That rugby, collegiate look.

After living in Florida all my life, I went to college in New Hampshire. The first few weeks I was there, I was invited to a rugby game. That was the first time I even knew it existed. It’s just not a popular game in South Florida. I’ll never forget the awe and somewhat horror of how the game is played. But these stripes just give me that warm fuzzy, nostalgic feeling in my bones.

I paired the dress with black leather, quilted waist bag. These bags are super fun because you can wear them different ways – either around the waist or around the shoulders.

I’ve started a bit of collection of these stripe dresses. Here’s a few of my favorite picks:

Tory Sport Broad Stripe Tech Knit Dress
Noisy May Tall Striped Midi Dress
Rokoko Ribbed Short Sleeve Sweater Dress
Free People Fallin’ For You Midi Dress

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