Hi there! I’m Amy Lou and I’m addicted to fashion.

My Gram loves to tell this story about me when I was about three years old. We were walking around the mall to pass the time. Was a lovely, quiet stroll when all of a sudden my eyes lit up. I screamed “SHOES!!” and ran up to the shoe store window. Apparently, this made my day more than playing around in some kids’ toy store. And ya know… to this day, shoe stores still get me. Especially Manolo and Louboutin.

So fashion is in my blood. No, it’s in my bones. It’s an art that fills my void like no other. And fashion, my friend, is definitely an art.

This blog is about my everyday style and what I love about fashion and beauty. It’s about what to wear and where to go and the adventures I want to share. It’s about life and love and food and loving food. It’s about culture and confidence and creativity. It’s an outlet for me to share my art through writing, fashion and photography, and my hope is that it inspires you too.

Thanks so much for visiting!

xx Amy Lou