3 Ways to Style Neon Green

Who knew that neon color palette from the 80s would come back full force? I suppose everything comes back in style, especially a neon color so neutral at it’s essence. I’ve fallen in love with this bright green color even more so now than that Ghostbusters lovin’, roller skatin’ pre-teen who thought wearing Zinka on her face to the beach was totally cool. I mean, seriously, who was that girl?

I say this is a neutral color because it’s extremely versatile! So versatile in fact that I wanted to share several looks with this color…


This is my favorite look so far. I love the denim-on-denim style, but adding a pop of color just creates a totally new vibe.

Neon green also goes with tan beautifully. I’m obsessed with this combo.

I added some fun accessories to this look to make it really over the top. These clear (and somewhat creepy) glasses just rock my world. I purchased them at my friend’s vintage pop-up shop and it was well worth it.

Black and green go together like Slimer and Food. (Yes, another Ghostbusters reference, because let’s face it… I still absolutely love that 1984 movie.)

This combo makes me feel like a super hero. A retro, rockin,’ boss babe of a hero, and I want to speed away on my souped up motorbike for a dramatic exit.

The neon green in this look almost steals the show from this fun faux-leather jumper and boots. But I’d say what really tops it all off are my Quay cat-eye sunnies.

Neon green seems to be everywhere. Tops, accessories, shoes, you name it. Although I’m totally in for wearing this color for the long haul, it may be out of style sooner than you can say ectoplasm. So, before you spend the dough on a new piece of neon, check out the styles on Asos.com or Forever21.com. I love shopping these sites for trendy pieces that I don’t want to spend crazy dollars on.

xx Amy Lou

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