The Summer Suit

Suited up for summer with this fabulously colorful coordinate. I’ll be living in combos like this one throughout the warm season. They’re easy to style and super cute!

With a lightweight jacket and matching skirt, you can’t go wrong. The best thing about these coordinates is you can split them up to wear alone with a fun top or a cute pair of jeans.

Some of my favorite coordinates are from, like this one. Misguided and Forever21 are also a great place to find reasonably priced pieces to satisfy the trend. 😉

xx Amy Lou

Romantic Spring Dresses that will Always Make your Heart Flutter

Spring brings about a fluttery air of romance that can’t be ignored. With the birds, bees, and blossoming trees, getting in the mood for love is contagious. And if there’s a need for a bit of a push, I have a few suggestions for romantic spring dresses you’ll be smitten for.  Continue Reading

Galentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Let’s face it… your girls are your ride-or-dies, so it’s only natural to plan the perfect gift for your BFFs. So, I’ve come up with a list of 5 super fun, girly Galentine’s Day gift ideas to share with the ones you truly love.

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3 Ways to Style Neon Green

Who knew that neon color palette from the 80s would come back full force? I suppose everything comes back in style, especially a neon color so neutral at it’s essence. I’ve fallen in love with this bright green color even more so now than that Ghostbusters lovin’, roller skatin’ pre-teen who thought wearing Zinka on her face to the beach was totally cool. I mean, seriously, who was that girl?

I say this is a neutral color because it’s extremely versatile! So versatile in fact that I wanted to share several looks with this color…

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My Top Fave Casual Stripe Dresses for the Fall Season

Fall is absolutely my most favorite season, but living in a state that doesn’t cooperate with the seasonal weather makes it difficult to get into the spirit. That’s where transitional pieces are most important.

I’m obsessed with this specific dress for several reasons. It’s a light sweater material which means I can take it into the cooler weather and add stockings and boots, the coloring is the ultimate representation of fall, and stripes remind me of the start of the school season. That rugby, collegiate look.

After living in Florida all my life, I went to college in New Hampshire. The first few weeks I was there, I was invited to a rugby game. That was the first time I even knew it existed. It’s just not a Continue Reading

The Art of Necklace Layering

The moment I discovered my love of jewelry, I couldn’t resist just piling it on. Making sure I always had my favorite accessories on was a habit I developed early. Whether it’s large statement pieces or tiny details, I felt (and feel) a bit naked without those finishing touches.

Jewelry has a special place in my heart. It’s where I feel the most creative. From beading to wiring, and then to hand crafted metal pieces and lost wax casting, my craft developed from an early age – moving deeper into more difficult techniques. Lately, I’ve been collecting sweet little pieces to mix and match, along with Continue Reading

The #1 Jumpsuit for Summer

I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits. They’re quick to throw on and easy to pair with shoes and accessories. These finishing touches can bring a casual air or a more fancy flair, and either way the look always seems fully put together – especially when rolling out of bed and need a cute go-to.

What I love about this jumpsuit is the cool urban vibe and soft stretchy fabric. The stripe pattern Continue Reading

Wearing Feminism on my Sleeve: Another Look at the #MeToo Movement

What could be better than a feminist in a feminist tee? Well, her long winded, yet extremely thought out feminist rhetoric for one. Am I right??

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything in the feminist perspective – a scholarly dissertation, if you will. You could argue that writing about fashion is feminist in it’s own right, an exercise of freedom (an exercise of voice) that other women have fought so hard to gain. But this blog isn’t necessarily about the fashion and more to do with my perspective on a most recent movement.

I’ve been searching for the right words to join in the #MeToo Movement since it began. It’s not that I can’t relate or haven’t had experiences of my own, but I was at a loss. Something was lacking, off-putting even. I realized that this movement missed the mark for me. Continue Reading

Festival Style and the Coachella Uniform

Coachella has become a fashion phenomenon all it’s own. With the best of music and the best of style crashing into each other like a big, bright, beautiful bang. 2018 living up to the years before with not only Queen Bey and The Weeknd, but my personal favorites: Angel Olsen, A Perfect Circle, Ibeyi, First Aid Kit and so so much more.

Fashion highlights are a mix between hippie boho, desert chic and cool rocker-esque. Everywhere you look there’s someone that shines with personality — what I love so much about fashion is how you can turn a trend all into your own.


This year is the year of the festival uniform. Matched print sets that are chic, easy and cool for the desert air…

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The PJ Top

When I was a young teen, I was obsessed with Victoria Secret catalogs. Not for the lingerie! But for the PJ sets and comfy yet chic sweats. Of course, dressing up to go to bed was never something I could get my mom to buy into. Go figure.

My love for chic pajamas never went out of style and luckily for me, neither did they. As a matter of fact, wearing pajamas as silky suits became a huge trend and I was in dreamy heaven…  Continue Reading